Ana Raquel Silva

Entrepreneur - Manager - Designer - Robotics Coach and Mentor


So who am I? Good question, let ́s meditate on that! I am passionate about being a mom, my baby is so cute and he have an amazing smile and laugh, I love him so much!

And my goal is to create opportunities for kids to make the world a better place through science, engineering and technology. Our children, in the future, will be the ones to find solutions to the many challenges that we face today.

At the same time, I really, really enjoy LEGO, I even have my first, very well maintained LEGO sets that my parents offer me when I was a child. But why I am speaking now about LEGO? Well, since 2004 I have been responsible for organizing the FIRST LEGO League in Portugal! FLL is an extraordinary program for kids and young people, which is designed to get them excited about science and technology while teaching them valuable employment and life skills.

Since that time, I have coached and mentor students, teachers, visited many schools, universities, educational forums, events, and companies with the goal of promoting to adults the importance of kids having the opportunity to experience science, engineer, technology, and teamwork, in there lives. Ah and guess what!! I use LEGO at my job, too :) Of course many times what I do is more of a management work and marketing.

What more can I say, during the last 12 years I have seen amazing works performed by kids and young people participating together in FLL teams. Some were my students in robotic clubs, other were kids and adults at technical and educational events.

Finally lets not forget the wonderful volunteers I have met right from the start, people who believe like me in FLL and wish that this program can be spread to more people around Portugal and in the world.

So for all of that and for your attention; I say, THANK YOU!! I have learned a lot with you!